Engine Sound & Exhaust 

Setting up Engine Sounds for your Vehicle

The Vehicle System includes the Vehicle_EngineAudio component as an optional feature for quick vehicle setups. To use it add the component to your vehicle and position it where the audio source should be.


Engine Start Sound is a simple audio file, it will be blended into the Engine Sound Loop.

Engine Sound is a looping Sound Cue that takes in 2 parameters, RPM and Throttle. These parameters are not required if your engine sound does not need to be driven dynamically.

High RPM is the maximum RPM that the Engine Sound Cue expects, its used to clamp the input parameters preventing audio artifacts.

Engine Attenuation is a standard unreal audio attenuation file

Setting up the Sound Cue

Here is an example of a setup sound cue. How to setup the cues is outside the scope of this documentation, as it is not part of the Vehicle System itself. The demo project does include many different engine setups you can use to learn from.

Setting up Exhaust Smoke

The Vehicle System also includes another optional component called Vehicle_ExhaustController for controlling exhaust particles. It simply drives 2 parameters SmokeVelocity and SmokeSize from any particle system that is attached to it. There is an included Exhaust particle within the plugin, which is also a good starting point to make your own.